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  • August 7, 2017

    New blog : the future is here

    As I announced on Facebook, I will focus now on my website to promote and update my work as a model, photographer and creative director. Social media have been more and more repressing, controlling and framing during the past few years, and it’s now a one-side relationship : you make their content, you watch their ads, you give up all your private info and life, but you still get censorized, you don’t chose what posts you see, and you are not sure to be seen even if you put a lot of work in networking.

    Besides, communication has been dispersed along all these social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) making it difficult to keep track of people and contracts, impossible to archive and search later, difficult and unefficient to sort personal messages, fan messages, clients messages, dick pics and flirting. Social accounts are deeply searched by the customs and the police too, making you easy to track and watch, and got me a 5-years ban in the USA.

    For all these reasons, I will gather fans and clients here before I get banned of IG/FB for an offensive nipple. If you are a photographer wanting to work with me, you can subscribe to the Travel mailing-list and get travel notices. If you enjoy my work, you can see my new blog with recent pictures and subscribe to the Post mailing-list to get new posts by emails, either right after they have been posted, or as a weekly digest.

    My place, my rules, and a better user experience.

    Take care !

    Photo by Aurélien Pierre.


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