Usual destinations

I live in Montreal, QC. I travel to Toronto every 3-4 times a year, Ottawa and Quebec City once to twice a year and worldwide several times per year.

In the past, my assignments have taken me across Canada as well as to the United States, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Australia.


I am a full-time professional model. My rates include costs for clothes & fashion accessories I bring with me, aesthetics (skin care, gym, make-up), traveling & transportation, health insurance, retirement insurance, time spent booking, promoting, planning and organizing, years of college tuition in fashion design & aesthetics, communication devices & services, and finally… skills and experience. When you shoot with me for 1 hour, 3 hours has been spent backstage on administrative tasks and body preparation.

So, my rates are very fair and based on actual costs, adjusted to the cost of living in the places I work. I can not afford to work in TFP (time for pictures, e.g. free collaboration) except if you are able to trade for hosting in foreign cities, exceptional designer clothes, photo gear, transportation tickets or professional services like accounting, attorney counseling, business management, etc.

Travel notices

My travels plans are not publicly available, however you can inquire with your info to get them by email by subscribing to my newsletter below :

When setting up a shoot with me, please provide as much as information as possible so I may help in your request.

Messages such as ”I love your work. Let’s shoot.” are not acceptable messages.

Information such as:

  • Purpose of the shoot:
    • portfolio
    • commercial
    • publication
    • exhibition
    • workshop/class,
  • Location of the shoot,
  • Proposed date/time, duration of the shoot,
  • Concept, ideas, moodboard,
  • Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe requirements.

If interested that I help you develop your creative concept, I put myself available to one phone call during a common time that we will settle.

Bookings from people without a portfolio and references will be denied for safety purpose.


(*) required

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