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  • septembre 15, 2017


    A late afternoon with NYC based photographer Justin W King Photography

  • septembre 13, 2017


    After a few days in Norway, found myself in Stockholm, Sweden. I visited yesterday’s Fotografiska and I was so touched and inspired by the work of Paul Hansen, Irving Penn and Viviane Sassen. It was impactful and obsessive in their own respective way. I am happy to have put myself in the realm of photography and connectives arts, and create both in front and behind the camera.

    Photo: Piego Leflou

  • septembre 11, 2017

    Portrait of an Icelandic girl

    My exploration behind the lens continues with this portrait of Ásdís. I got several pictures to retouch from this trip, now I feel photographers’ dilemma.

    Photo : Minh-Ly

    Model : Ásdís

  • septembre 10, 2017

    We, models, never use the furniture as it should be used.

    Photo: Marc Savereux Photography

  • septembre 9, 2017

    Teaser from Iceland

    They didn’t lie when they said Iceland was beautiful. I had the joy to work both as a model and photographer during this stay with local talents. Here’s an experiment I did with Icelandic model Embla.

    I will be all across Germany for this month of September for assignments. If photographers or models want to work with me, go to or by email

  • août 24, 2017

    Blue Muse

    I love to receive pictures from an older shoot but with a fresh new mind.

    Photo : Blue Muse Fine Art

  • août 23, 2017

    Casual Portrait

    Photo and Styling : Bruce Wang

  • août 17, 2017


    Some more results from my recent tour from West of Canada. Quite happy with this shot. The intensity is palpable.

    Photo: Dachene

  • août 16, 2017

    Little corner of escape

    Sometimes, photoshoots feel like talking to a friend and being recorded on photos, especially when you are out of the studio. You’re both taking a long walk towards the desired location or you simply do a loop and the photographer snaps the moments he/she thinks are special to him/her. I believe that beyond the fact that photography is a very technical process, it is also very human. From a person to another, the image will never be the same. They see you a certain way and, from my point of view, I feel differently when I am around each person. I am sensitive to their voice, their tones, their tics, their presence, their aura and the way they look and interact with you. Often we forget to interact and communicate and we want to jump straight to getting the results… don’t we?

    Photo: Stefan Legacy

  • août 15, 2017

    Sienna Hayes at my Studio

    Glimpse into my photography. A beautiful summer morning with Sienna.

    Photo: Minh-Ly

    Model: Sienna Hayes

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