This is my booking info when hiring me as a model. As a professional, I prone clear communication to avoid misunderstandings and for everything to run smoothly before, during and after our session.

Communication are made by email ( or via the Contact button. I usually reply within 1-7 days depending on the amount of work I have, but I always give an answer. Messenger, What’s App and Skype are possible if in need of an immediate discussion. As I am not always available to do so, please schedule an appointment with me, if that’s the case.


I believe there is no bad genre of art. It is all in the execution and personal tastes. However, my passion and interest lie in creating artistic imagery. Veuillez-vous référer à mon portfolio comme guide à mes niveaux de comfort. Si vous avez besoin de plus amples précisions sur mes limites, je vous encourage fortement à communiquer avec moi.

Je fais

  • Nu artistique
  • Beauté / Mode / Éditorial / High Fashion
  • Cinématographique / Conceptuel / Créatif
  • Classes / Événements / Ateliers
  • Commercial
  • Érotique / Fétiche seulement avec des photographes avec des références valides
  • Modèle vivant
  • Fitness (yoga, danse, mouvement, tissu aérien, cerceau, balançoire)
  • Lifestyle
  • Parts modeling
  • Portrait
  • Vidéos and courts métrages
  • Photographie sous-marine

Je ne fais pas

  • Charme
    • I have lingerie available for shooting purposes only if it supports a story/concept.
  • Photos similar to Playboy, Summum, Penthouse and Hustler shoots
  • Pornography
  • Contents for private websites, Suicide Girl, Zivity, Suicide Girls and Diverxity
  • Cellphones pictures for your portfolio or for sale
  • Images that I deem to be tacky, cheesy or I feel uncomfortable doing


J'offre des tarifs dans les formats suivants: à l'heure / la demi-journée (4h) / la journée complète (8h) / 3 jours / la semaine entière. I ask for travelling expenses if the journey is more than 1h by public transportation from where I am based prior to our shoot.

My services include:

  • Temps comme modèle
  • Maquillage
  • Coiffure
  • Stylisme & Wardrobe (when travelling overseas, wardrobe is limited to what I have in my suitcase)
  • Voyagement
  • Processus créatif si besoin: tempête d'idées, stratégie, concept et préparation

In certain cases, I might consider trade or reduced rates only in exchange for:

  • Hébergement
    • Références obligatoires
  • Billets d'avion / train
  • Very unique pieces of clothing
  • Services professionnelles
    • Comptabilité
    • Consultations d'avocat
    • Gestion d'entreprise

Politique d'annulation

I do no ask for a deposit, but I have a cancellation policy. Please understand that it is incredibly difficult to rebook on such short notice, and when travelling overseas I have a considerable amount of non-refundable overhead expenses (flights, trains, hotels, etc.). All transactions can be made either via Interac, Paypal or TransferWise.

When booking me, you agree to the conditions below.

Montréal et ses alentours

Cancellations 7 days prior: No charge
Cancellations 2-7 days prior: 50% of the agreed amount
Cancellations within 24 hours: Pay in full.

I will waive my cancellation fee if we reschedule for a date within 4 weeks.


Cancellations 7 days prior: No charge
Cancellations 3-7 days prior: 50% of the agreed amount
Cancellations within 48 hours: Pay in full.


Cancellation prior to the moment I take my flight out of Canada – No charge
Cancellation 2 weeks and more prior – 30% of the agreed amount
Cancellation 1-2 weeks prior – 50 % of the agreed amount
Cancellation within 7 days – Pay in full

Considérations additionnelles

  • The clock must start at the agreed upon time, and end after the agreed upon number of hours (i.e. if we scheduled a 4 hour shoot starting at 11am, we must be wrapped by 3pm)
  • If we are planning to shoot outside, I highly recommend having a backup indoor location. Cancellations due to weather will incur a fee (please see my cancellation policy)
  • If you choose to end our shoot early, my fee will not be prorated
  • Please inform me at the time of booking if you:
    • Want to cover me in any substance such as baby oil, mud, or paint. There must be facilities available to clean up, and sufficient time to do so must be allotted (within my billable hours).
    • Want me to pose with another model. Portfolio of the model will be asked.
    • Want to shoot me with another photographer. Please include his/her name and link to his/her portfolio so I can verify and approve. I solely shoot one-on-one each time.
    • Want to use clothing or props that will leave marks (such as ropes, corsets, etc.) so I ensure you are the last shoot of the day to avoid marks for further shoots.
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