Regardless of whether you amateur or pro, or whether you are building a body of work or already have one, photographers and models are able to hire me for as a:

  • Curator (Your Portfolio Review),
  • Art & Creative Director,
  • Mentor / Model Coach,
  • Stylist.

My goal is to offer tools, techniques, insight, and support to achieve your creative ambitions. Through my many years of working in various aspects and genres of photography, I extend a trained critical eye and nuanced understanding.

To see if we are a good fit and to better understand your work, please fill out this form as well as your availabilities.

I look forward to getting to know you and your work!

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    Minh-Ly has a fine eye for class and creativity. I’ve always known that, so when it came to finalizing my public portfolio, I came straight to her !

    Organizing and prioritizing my own photos was super daunting and I had no idea how to objectively look at my own work over the past decade. Minh-Ly made it immensely easy, not only combing through the selection I had given her – but selecting images from my entire social media because she thought my selection didn’t highlight my strengths as well as she saw me. She finished the task in a day, which was an absolute relief, and created a comprehensive portfolio – even sorted by categories.

    Minh-Ly definitely saved me a lot of time and did an extremely thorough job, I will definitely hire Minh-Ly’s talents again for my next portfolio revision.

    Starla | Model