From the Spatial Concepts series with Yoram Roth; Model: Minh-Ly

70 x 53 cm, each. Chromed alu­minum frames around the crop, acrylic, lac­quer, and waxed paper.

”I made a Diptych out of this because the rhythm worked so well. Originally there were three images from this shoot. They were very alike, even though they were shot hand-held from a lad­der. I loved all three of the pieces but felt they com­pet­ed with one anoth­er indi­vid­u­al­ly. To show all three would have meant that they can­cel each oth­er out, but mak­ing two of them into one piece felt real­ly right.

The scale also mat­ters, both in the sub­ject of the image, and the way the pat­terned tex­ture feels. They need­ed to be a lit­tle small­er, so com­bin­ing these two was possible.

There were oth­er images from that day that would have worked, but the pho­to­graph­ic basis of my work requires me to do triage edit­ing. I’ll add anoth­er idea from this ses­sion because I real­ly enjoyed work­ing with Minh Ly. Besides cut­ting her knees and arms on the razor-sharp laser-cut acrylic ele­ment, she brought a lot of her own cre­ativ­i­ty to this shoot­ing day.