Minh-Ly (model) x Mattu Photography (pho­to)

It’s been a year since my shoo­ting acci­dent in Australia and while the bruises are much bet­ter, I am still scar­red, like­ly for life. To make myself laugh, I tell myself it’s like Satan’s sha­dow claws, so it’s kind of badass 🙂 .

On a more serious note, it put me into pers­pec­tive on how I was trea­ting myself and how I allo­wed myself to be trea­ted by people I entrus­ted my secu­ri­ty and health. I have always been com­mit­ted to my craft, and have been reck­less many times even, but when was time to reap the conse­quences, I was on my own. I never heard back from that pho­to­gra­pher about how I was doing and I did feel a bit disap­poin­ted. I per­for­med, did my job, got hurt and I was dismissed.

It ins­pi­red me to create this sec­tion on my Booking Info cal­led »Shooting Safety Conditions ». While most of them are consi­de­red nor­mal, they are often over­loo­ked or neglec­ted. »You’re such a kill-joy. Yeah, I know all about it, but it’s unli­ke­ly to hap­pen… ». You are right, 95% of the time, it goes super well, no dra­ma, no hurt people (maybe the occa­sio­nal mos­qui­to bite here and there). I am all about the fun and the crea­tion, but we are still dea­ling with humans and we can be fra­gile. I will never for­give myself if one of my part­ners got hurt on my watch. I will pro­ba­bly pes­ter him or her to see how they are doing and bring soup if possible 😛 .

Security = non negotiable

Have fun and stay safe !