Booking information for Amateurs / Beginners

Booking information for Amateurs / Beginners2021-04-30T15:47:36-05:00

You can book me for …

  • Photoshoots —port­fo­lio-build­ing, learn­ing, per­son­al projects or enjoyment,
  • Mentoring —guid­ance with your work to realise your poten­tial cre­ative­ly and professionally,
  • Portfolio review and edit­ing — to max­i­mize its impact on poten­tial collaborators.

Photoshoot : how do we work together ?

Working ethics and Terms & Conditions — FAQs

By book­ing me for a shoot, you accept my Terms & Conditions entire­ly and with­out reserve. If you have any fur­ther ques­tions, I am hap­py to answer and clar­i­fy. Thank you for your under­stand­ing and cooperation !

Appearance, Skills & Limits

What do I mod­el ?2021 – 04-20T05:47:17 – 05:00

Portrait / Beauty-Fashion-Lifestyle / Artistic Nude / Character-Fantasy / Dance / Yoga / Underwater

Curious about more ideas and themes ? Check my mood­boards.

What do I refuse to mod­el?2021 – 04-18T09:58:57 – 05:00
  • I refuse to put my health and safe­ty at risk (see Shooting Safety Conditions below),
  • Glamour and pornog­ra­phy.

I have cre­at­ed a Pinterest board illus­trat­ing the styles of images and con­tent I do not mod­el for.

What are my lim­its dur­ing a shoot ?2021 – 04-21T03:47:56 – 05:00
  • The shoot will be con­sis­tent with our agreement,
  • The images from our shoot can­not be pub­lished on any adult-ori­en­­tat­ed pay-site/mem­bers site, such as DiverxityBentbox, etc.,
  • Explicit pho­tographs (labia/​arsehole) of me are not to be pho­tographed. If they are tak­en by acci­dent, they have to be deleted,
  • You can­not touch me unless I give my consent,
  • Only my artist name, Minh-Ly, can be used in ref­er­ence to our photography,
  • Please con­firm at the time of book­ing if you: 
    • Want to use cloth­ing or props that leave marks on the skin (ropes, corsets, etc.),
    • Want me to be cov­ered in glit­ter, body paint, oil, water, etc. — there must be facil­i­ties avail­able to clean up and this time will be includ­ed in the shoot­ing time,
    • Want me to pose with oth­er mod­els — while I love col­lab­o­rat­ing with fel­low mod­els, it depends on the project,
    • Plan on shoot­ing with oth­er pho­tog­ra­phers — we can agree on terms accordingly.
My Appearance and Stats2021 – 04-18T10:00:09 – 05:00
US Metric
Height 5’5 165 cm
Weight 120 lbs 54 kg
Bust 36′‘A 92 cm
Waist 28″ 71 cm
Hips 37,5″ 95 cm
Dress size 6 (Small) 36 (Small)
Shoes 6,5 37
Hair Color Black with nat­ur­al light brown high­lights at the tips
Hair Length Long (bust level)
Eye Color Dark brown
Skin Tanned
Tattoos None
Piercings Ear lobes only
Scars On my left thigh and right but­tock (shoot­ing acci­dent). I can cov­er them with make-up upon request or offer my retouch­ing ser­vices to erase them.

Timing / Scheduling

What does my time include ?2021 – 04-17T10:19:57 – 05:00
  • The shoot starts and stops as agreed in my con­fir­ma­tion email,
  • If you choose to end our shoot ear­li­er than agreed, my rates will not be prorated,
  • If our shoot is longer than 4 hours, we have at least one lunch/​refreshment break,
  • Change of set­up, hair, make-up, cloth­ing or trav­el between loca­tions and small breaks are includ­ed in my bill­able hours (except lunch/​dinner breaks),
  • I will arrive at our shoot with my make­up and hair are already done with a pos­si­ble 5 – 10 min­utes touch-up before we start, unless you pro­vide a make­up artist or hair­styl­ist for the shoot, we add one hour of the ses­sion with­out charge.
Is your shoot con­firmed ?2021 – 04-18T11:02:19 – 05:00

If any­thing comes up (72h or less before our shoot), call me at the phone num­ber writ­ten in our con­fir­ma­tion email.

In the high­ly unlike­ly event I need to can­cel, I will email/​phone you as soon as I know.


Why do I refuse TFP/​free col­lab­o­ra­tions ?2021 – 04-17T04:56:10 – 05:00

Modelling is my profession.

Why do I ask a deposit ?2021 – 04-20T06:11:55 – 05:00

As a pro­fes­sion­al free­lancer, I require 30% of my agreed rate for our shoot. The deposit is :

  • an advance, to cov­er the fees I have to pay ahead of our shoot (trans­porta­tion, lodg­ing, visas, insur­ance, etc.),
  • a book­ing con­fir­ma­tion and a mutu­al moti­va­tion to hon­our our engagement,
  • a for­feit fee for late can­cel­la­tion, see What is my can­cel­la­tion pol­i­cy.
What are my rates ?2021 – 04-18T10:30:20 – 05:00

My rates are cal­cu­lat­ed on a per-project basis. I can pro­vide you with an invoice.

I rec­om­mend book­ing at least 4 hours.

My reg­u­lar rates apply for 08:00 to 20:00. For late night and ear­ly morn­ing shoots, I charge an addi­tion­al 40% plus taxi fare.

Can you do your own make­up, hair and styling ?2021 – 04-18T15:19:41 – 05:00

I love work­ing with expe­ri­enced make-up artists, hair styl­ists, and cloth­ing design­ers. So if you have some­one who can help dur­ing our shoot, that’s great.

However, if you’re work­ing on a bud­get, here is what I can offer :

  • Trained in basic make-up, I am able to do my make-up to a good stan­dard, from nat­ur­al to evening/​glamorous looks,
  • I can do dif­fer­ent sim­ple hair­dos (pony­tails, braids, volu­mi­nous messy hair, bun, curls, and wavy hair). Additionally, I can bring short wigs upon request (black bob with bangs & brown pix­ie cut). Unless some­thing else is request­ed in advance, I come to shoots with my hair straight,
  • I have a vast and care­ful­ly cho­sen col­lec­tion of pho­to­genic out­fits & acces­sories. My per­son­al taste includes 
    • androg­y­nous,
    • busi­ness­woman,
    • eclec­tic,
    • colour­ful,
    • chic-glam­ourous,
    • sheer ele­gance,
    • bohemi­an,
    • Asian-inspired,
    • casu­al.

Cancellation policy

What is my can­cel­la­tion pol­i­cy ?2021 – 04-20T06:21:21 – 05:00
Local Cancellation (Nancy-Metz):
  • from 48h+notice: deposit refund­ed in full,
  • between 24h and 48h notice: deposit non-refundable,
  • less than 24h notice: pay­ment due in full (deposit + remainder).
Everywhere else:
  • from 14 days+ notice: deposit refund­ed in full,
  • between 72h and 14 days notice: deposit non-refundable,
  • less than 72h notice: pay­ment due in full (deposit + remainder).

In the extreme­ly unlike­ly event that I can­cel, the deposit will be returned.

Covid-19 special conditions

For shoots booked that have to be can­celled due to gov­ern­ment mea­sures such as con­fine­ment or lock-down, the fol­low­ing con­di­tions apply:

  • if I am already in your city/​region, deposits will be part­ly refund­ed. I will keep just enough to cov­er trav­el­ling fees,
  • if I am still at home, deposits will be ful­ly refunded.
Shooting Safety Conditions2021 – 04-30T15:48:10 – 05:00

I trust you to pro­vide a safe work­ing envi­ron­ment, health and safe­ty con­cerns, and acci­dents can result in seri­ous and per­ma­nent injuries (see my scars).

Nude shoots
  • Temperatures must be warmer than 15°C/60°F,
  • No audi­ence, crowd­ed tourist areas, voyeurs, etc.
Outdoors shoots
  • You are respon­si­ble for check­ing weath­er reports and take appro­pri­ate safe­ty mea­sures. This includes storms, tides (hours and coef­fi­cient), and oth­er pos­si­bly harm­ful weath­er events,
  • I expect you to pro­vide rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion about pos­si­ble threats in the area of the shoot, such as the pres­ence of aggres­sive, bit­ing, sting­ing, ven­omous or oth­er dan­ger­ous ani­mals and par­a­sites (ticks, mos­qui­tos, snakes, jel­ly­fish, spi­ders, etc.) when we con­firm the book­ing, in order to pack prop­er first-aid and repel­lent equipment.
  • You must have explic­it writ­ten autho­ri­sa­tion from the prop­er­ty own­er or man­ag­er for us to shoot there. I will not engage in pri­vate prop­er­ty tres­pass­ing or any ille­gal activity,
  • The shoot­ing loca­tion must be rea­son­ably safe (no bro­ken glass, syringes, dan­ger­ous fun­gus, etc.).
Props and rigging
  • I expect you to pro­vide me assur­ances that any shoot­ing props or rig­ging appa­ra­tus are safe for our shoot. I will hold you account­able for any injuries.

Temperatures below 15°C/60°F — shoot­ing under these weath­er con­di­tions will be con­sid­ered only if you pro­vide a warm shel­ter, hot bev­er­ages and blan­kets imme­di­ate­ly on the set/​location, and I reserve the right to end photography.

Right of withdrawal

I reserve the right to leave the shoot at any time and claim my rates paid in full if the actu­al shoot is incon­sis­tent with what we con­firmed at the time of the book­ing and/​or my safe­ty is at risk.