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This information is for people wanting to hire me as a model.


Communication is made by email only, via info [\at] minh-ly [\dot] com or via the Contact form. Please never use social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for communication.

I usually reply within 1-7 days depending on the amount of work and the Internet access I have. For immediate discussion, please fix an appointment for a VoIP call on What’s App, Telegram, BBM or Skype.

For emergencies and last minute changes during the last 48h before our shoot, only use my phone number, either to send SMS or to call. I will send you an SMS the day before the shoot to check that everything works as expected, and I expect you to use the same number for any last minute communication. I do not always have a proper internet access on the road, so you can’t assume I will get an email in the next hour.

Should I fail to answer your last email (usually, because of inconsistent internet service during travels), the previous agreement stands until you reach me by phone, and you must consider the shoot to be still on.

Business hours are 9 am – 6 pm: later emails won’t be seen until at least the next morning. Please avoid calling after 8 pm.

Once we agree on the shoot and confirm the details, I give you my phone number. That agreement is a contract, and there is no subsequent confirmation needed.

Your level of experience?

It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is. I am grateful for being hired by both professionals and hobbyists, but I always make sure we are on the same page with inspirations and styles.

  • For those with less experience, I am confident to move through poses and can make suggest suggestions in lighting, angles, ideas, communication, achieving and choosing the best images possible.
  • For accomplished photographers, I love and appreciate to work deeper together on ideas, moods and connection.

Disclaimers :

  • Photographers that prefer models to be quiet and look pretty probably should not book me because I care about the process, the connection and the results. I can offer much more than just my physical appearance and this what my collaborators value when working with me.
  • I do not believe that just because you pay a model, he/she should do anything you want (unless agreed to those concepts/ideas prior to the shoot). If I feel uncomfortable with anything or it is not in my taste, I will adapt the idea or suggest something else.


I believe there is no bad genre of art. It is all in the execution and intention. However, my passion and interest lie in creating artistic imagery. Please use my portfolio as a guide to my comfort levels. If you require further clarification of my boundaries, I strongly encourage you to communicate with me.

I do

  • Artistic nude
  • Beauty / Fashion / Editorial / High Fashion
  • Cinematographic / Conceptual / Creative
  • Classes / Events / Workshops
  • Commercial
  • Fitness (yoga, dance, movement, aerial silk, hoop, swing)
  • Lifestyle
  • Live modeling
  • Parts modeling
  • Portrait
  • Video and short movies
  • Underwater

I don't

  • Glamour
  • Photos similar to Playboy, Summum, Penthouse and Hustler shoots
  • Pornography
  • Images that I deem to be tacky, cheesy or I feel uncomfortable doing


My rates depend on every project, what the photographer provide, what I provide myself and the fees incurred. Please ask for my quote via the Contact form.

They are computed and are summarized as follow :

  • flat rates covering for my travels and makeup expenses,
  • professional expenses (insurances, telecom, hardware, etc.),
  • my hourly working rate (9.56 €/h) during the shoot and the office administrative tasks (1 h of office work every hour of a shoot in average),
  • working hours outside of business hours (7:00 am – 8:00 pm) are majored by 1.3.

When booked for 2 hours, 50 to 70 % of what you pay is just covering my travelling and working expenses. I strongly recommend booking for 4 hours at least, as it provides a peaceful setup and good working quality, instead of having to commute multiple times a day, and I offer degressive rates for 4 h and more.

In certain cases, I might consider trade or reduced rates only in exchange for :

  • Hosting / Accommodation
    • References mandatory
  • Airfare / Transportation tickets
  • Very unique pieces of clothing
  • Professional services
    • Accounting
    • Attorney counseling
    • Business management

My rates include:

  • Working on set
  • Makeup
  • Hair
  • Styling & Wardrobe
  • Art Direction (if needed)
  • 1 h commuting time (extra will be charged)


2 hours4 hours1 day (8 hours)
Travelling fees60 – 160 €60 – 160 €60 – 160 €
Make-up12 €24 €42 €
Professional fees & cotisations82 – 110 €105 – 133 €131 – 150 €
Work/Revenue45 €64 €99 €
200 – 300 €230 – 350 €330 – 450 €
Total/h (equivalent hourly rate)100 – 125 €/h58 – 88 €/h41 – 56 €/h
2 hours4 hours1 day (8 hours)
Travelling fees21 $21 $21 $
Make-up18 $36 $63 $
Professional fees & cotisations103 $146 $198$
Work/Revenue68 $99 $161 $
TOTAL200 $300$
450 $
Total/h (equivalent hourly rate)100 $/h75 $/h57 $/h

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

A 30% deposit is asked at the time of booking to secure our shoot. Please understand that it is very difficult to rebook on short notice, and when travelling overseas I have a considerable amount of non-refundable overhead expenses (flights, trains, hotels, etc.). Refund for deposits are given if I am unable to commit or cancel. All transactions can be made either via Interac, Paypal or TransferWise.

I have never cancelled on a shooting. Once we agreed on time, location and emergency contacts, I will message you with a final confirmation with our shoot summary and, when accepted, there won’t be a need to reconfirm later.

If I ever miss our shoot, for any reason, and you engaged fees for this shoot (renting a studio, gear, hiring a team, etc.), I will refund you the deposit and the amount of your expenses on presentation of the invoice. If I am delayed, for any reason, we will negotiate a rebate if possible or reschedule with no additional charge.

In case of cancellation on your part :

Montreal and its surroundings

Cancellation 48h and more before: No charge
Cancellation up to 48h before: 50% of the agreed amount
Cancellation within 24h : Pay in full


Cancellation minimum 8 days before: No charge
Cancellation 2-7 days before: 50% of the agreed amount
Cancellation within 48h: Pay in full

Overseas (Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa)

Cancellation minimum 8 days before: No charge
Cancellation 3-7 days before: 50% of the agreed amount
Cancellation within 72h: Pay in full

Terms and conditions :

  • The clock starts exactly at the agreed time, and ends exactly after the agreed number of hours (without time overflow). On a case by case basis, we can discuss an overflow at the beginning of the shoot, but, in general, I have to stick to my schedule as I am bounded to the constraints of my transportations
  • If we plan to shoot outside, I highly recommend having a backup indoor location. Cancellations due to weather will incur a fee (please see my cancellation policy)
  • If you choose to end our shoot early, my fee will not be prorated
  • Please inform me at the time of booking if you:
    • Want to cover me in any substance such as baby oil, mud, or paint. There must be facilities available to clean up, and sufficient time to do so must be allotted (within my billable hours).
    • Want me to pose with another model. Portfolio of the model will be asked.
    • Want to shoot me with another photographer. Please include his/her name and link to his/her portfolio so I can verify and approve. Normally, I expect to solely shoot one-on-one each time.
    • Want to use clothing or props that will leave marks (such as ropes, corsets, etc.) so I ensure you are the last shoot of the day to avoid marks for my next assignments.
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