If you are new to working with models and you are a bit nervous, I highly recommend that you read this clearly written and easy-to-read ebook by fellow professional model Kaitlin Chapple: How to work with models – A model’s guide for photographers

Below is a message example to inquire about a shoot:

Hello Minh-Ly,

My name is Michel and I am a semi-professional portrait photographer based in Nancy, France. You can see my full portfolio on my website: http://www.michel-comtois-photography.com.

I am writing to inquire about hiring you for a shoot. I own a studio in the center of Nancy (address X) and I am looking to shoot a mix of simple portrait and conceptual portrait images with various light settings and looks on a weekend afternoon or early evening. I am hoping you could provide some casual outfits and some Asian-style wardrobe, as well as your own hair and makeup (simple natural beauty makeup with a punch to the eyes and loose hair). I am including a link to a mood board so you can see the general feel I am after: shorturl.at/CGMY0

If you could let me know your rates as well as your availabilities for the next several months, that would be great. I am looking to book for half-day most likely.

Looking forward to creating with you,

Michel Comtois