I am ever so grateful to be in such a fulfilling field and for the fond memories, connections, and artworks I have been part of.

Thank you to all artists I have had the pleasure to work with and I look forward to many more!

Your by-line of professional model, photographer and art director sums up the experience of working with you; it was a wonderful collaborative experience for me because you are skilled in all three areas.

  • A rare and pure artistic sensibility. I remember thinking your portfolio was a rare jewel; you have an outstanding eye for art.
  • Peerless understanding of the craft — lighting and composition especially – and a really nice way of sharing your knowledge.
  • Rare ability to combine your body, gesture and expression into a unique artistic instrument, full of drama and emotion.
  • Adventurous and enthusiastic at conjuring outstanding images from sketchy art concepts.
  • Effortless speed and grace in achieving a result – you nail a concept in just a few shots.
  • Tremendous range of genres you can work, with an extensive range of looks.
  • Professional, well-prepared, very hard-working, excellent comm.s, patient, calm, funny and unaffected – a pleasure to work with.
  • Last, but no means least, am I allowed to say ”gorgeous” these days? If I am without causing offence, I will 😉
Mr. Muliebris, Photographer | New Zealand

Collaborer avec toi a été un vrai plaisir tant sur le fond que sur la forme. En amont tu as su anticiper les questions de structuration et ta curiosité à été pertinente quant au sujet. Ce qui est agréable c’est la justesse avec laquelle tu te positionnes, les choses sont encadrées et organisées sans être enfermées. Ce qui laisse une grande liberté dans un cadre rassurant.

En aval, les échanges ont été d’une simplicité évidente. Comme tout le reste.

Le sujet posait certaines contraintes physiques et psychiques que tu as su très facilement cerner et manier, ce qui a rendu notre échange extrêmement fluide. J’ai eu le sentiment d’une profonde entente et cela m’a permis de vivre ce processus de création dans une émotion vibratoire intense.

Andréa Costa, Photographer | France

My friend Mike Grantham and I were looking for a model to shoot when he was visiting. Luckily, Minh-Ly was on a tour of The Netherlands and we quickly found a date and agreed on themes. She was well prepared with wonderful clothes for our portrait and fashion session. She displayed a marvellous flow of poses, that even impressed more in the subsequent art nude session. Everything worked fine in a focused but relaxed mood, so I ended up with a large number of excellent frames. She is a beautiful model and a real pleasure to work with. It was much more than a pleasant shoot: it was a great artistic success and Minh-Ly proved to be a very nice person to work with! She helped me lower the bar (my hesitation) for hiring international travelling models.

I hope to meet her again on her next tour and I fully recommend her to anyone who wants to shoot a professional and dedicated model. Thanks a lot Minh-Ly for a great experience!

Rob Polder, Photographer | The Netherlands

Minh-Ly is an absolute delight to work with, very professional. My friend, Rob Polder, and I both described her as a posing machine! She needed little or no direction and her poses simply merged into one another in the most delightful and flowing fashion. However, she was also happy to respond to what we wanted and to try out our ideas, like shooting with coloured balloons. We tried a range of genres from portrait, to low key, high key, and finally art nude.

The results we got were simply stunning and an absolute tribute to her ability as a model. I can see easily why she is in such big demand.

Dont hesitate to catch her if she tours your area! Totally recommended!

Mike Grantham, Photographer | The Netherlands

Absolutely loved welcoming Minh-Ly to the Artemisian team a few weeks ago in Lanzarote!

Minh-Ly’s communication on the lead up to the event was spot on – something I really appreciate as a big event organiser. She answered my questions super quickly, shared my advertising posts and it was lovely to communicate with someone so enthusiastic about being a part of Artemisian.

During the trip Minh-Ly worked really hard. Up early, eager to learn, push herself and be as creative as possible. She got on well with everyone there but also enjoyed time to herself, being very independent- a great combination.

The trip itself was pretty smooth, but even in the times where things might not have been going perfectly Minh-Ly always remained calm and understanding. I enjoyed her company a lot.

I really loved meeting, working and shooting Minh-Ly and hope our paths cross again soon- on tours as well as future Artemisian events.

Thank you Queen!! 🙂

Artemisian Luxury Photographic Holidays, Photographic Event Organiser | United Kingdom

Working with Minh-Ly has been an absolute pleasure. From her immaculate pre-shoot communication to showing up on time to her attitude in the studio, all aspects of working with her are professional.

She is intelligently creative, offering ideas within the scope of my own style. She was well prepared, had studied my style and understood how I work before we met. Particularly this quality of her, I find rare and precious. Too often, I meet models who just “deliver” their rehearsed poses that they have done a thousand times, and I find myself having to go through my portfolio to “teach” them what I want and how I work. Minh-Ly had done her research and understood what I was looking for without me having to explain. Free of any Diva-like attitude, she joins my creative process and intuitively enhances my style.

I absolutely loved working with Minh-Ly and immediately booked another full day shoot with her.

If you are looking for a beautiful, professional model with great work ethics, I strongly recommend you book Minh-Ly. And… apart from being highly professional, she is also a very nice person.

Professor Woland, Photographer | Switzerland

If you’re looking for one of the best then this is her! A versatile, emotional and highly intelligent model, Minh-Ly constantly reinvents herself. Always prepared, always morphing during a shoot : it is an honour to witness her presentation of my art. With just a few words, Minh-Ly will absorb a concept and then elevate it to even higher levels of beauty.

This lady has an open invitation to my services, any time and always !

Skin Detailz, Art Director / Bodypainter / Makeup-Artist / Stylist | Canada

Je ne dirai jamais assez le bien que je pense de Minh-Ly. Même un photographe en panne d’inspiration peut se laisser aller au rythme de Minh-Ly tout à la fois à l’écoute des projets des uns et des autres et, lorsque l’inspiration n’est pas là, il suffit de se laisser porter par sa gestuelle, par ses initiatives. Minh-Ly est une grande artiste, inspirante et professionnelle.

Merci à elle pour avoir pris à nouveau le chemin du studio et non ceci n’est pas un partenariat rémunéré 😆, juste une pensée à l’attention d’une modèle qui apporte beaucoup à mes images.

Ojo Del Gato, Photographer / Workshop Organizer | France

Minh-Ly is pure genius. What a pleasure to have worked with a true professional, from start to finish. Very versatile and skillful at achieving all the concepts I asked of her. As the posing was choreographed to achieve the desired lighting effect, Minh-Ly was very patient and skillful with micro movements to get the desired effect. She has beautiful features and a unique appeal for me to achieve a cool folio of images. It is always a pleasure to work with a model who loves her work and always strives to work in harmony with concepts a photographer wants to achieve. We were both on the same wavelength and I loved the results. Minh-Ly comes highly recommended by me, and I hope to work with her in the near future.

Seamus Costelloe, Photographer / Workshop Organizer | Ireland

Minh-Ly is my personal inspiration. We have worked together frequently and I brag to our mutual contacts (and her future clients) that she could model a shoelace for hours if you asked her. Sure enough, someone finally did and apparently she rocked it – I’m not surprised. Minh-Ly has an insane queue of poses in her mind at all times. She is an everlasting inspiration. Not only will she help you create images you couldn’t think of, her ambition, work ethic, personality, and general personhood will drive you to create other images you never dreamed you would.

I highly recommend hiring her or even meeting her (if you’re lucky enough to steal an hour of her valuable time). She is probably the only person – that I can say with absolute certainty – is one in a million.

Starla, Model / Model Scout & Coach | Canada

After missing her last time she came about, I was really lucky to finally manage to shoot this legend of a model… and she did not disappoint.

Don’t let her humble character catch you off guard she will surprise you… unless you know already what you were getting… and then some !!!

I had such an amazing time shooting with her it was rather sad when the shoot ended and she had to go… Minh-Ly was awesome. She needed no direction, natural flow and almost did the work for me to be honest… Ideas just flow when you shoot with her and you will realise that if you are not careful you will have shot way more than planned and time also slips by unnoticed.

Minh Ly, I can’t wait for you to return, it has been awesome shooting with you.

Gyokko, Photographer | United Kingdom

I wrote three posts on my studio blog about my shoot with Minh-Ly. It took that much to describe the wide ground I was able to cover with one model, in one shoot, in one day. Some models listen and help you move your ideas forward. That’s because they are actually interested in your work, then interpret your ideas. It’s more like directing theatre. You create something bigger than yourself. The picture you make has meaning. If that is what you are trying to achieve as an artist, Minh-Ly can help you. Maybe it’s because she’s a photographer herself, an art director. She knows as much as you do.

Bruce Springsteen said 1+1 has to result in 3 otherwise keep your day job. With Minh-Ly I felt like the math added up to 3.

Studio NDG, Photographer | Canada
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