I am ever so grate­ful to be in such a ful­fill­ing field and for the fond mem­o­ries, con­nec­tions and art­works I have been part of so far. Thank you to all artists I have had the plea­sure to work with and I look for­ward to many more !

Working with Minh-Ly has been an absolute plea­sure. From her immac­u­late pre-shoot com­mu­ni­ca­tion to show­ing up on time to her atti­tude in the stu­dio, all aspects of work­ing with her are professional.

She is intel­li­gent­ly cre­ative, offer­ing ideas with­in the scope of my own style. She was well pre­pared, had stud­ied my style and under­stood how I work before we met. Particularly this qual­i­ty of her, I find rare and pre­cious. Too often, I meet mod­els who just “deliv­er” their rehearsed pos­es that they have done a thou­sand times, and I find myself hav­ing to go through my port­fo­lio to “teach” them what I want and how I work. Minh-Ly had done her research and under­stood what I was look­ing for with­out me hav­ing to explain. Free of any Diva-like atti­tude, she joins my cre­ative process and intu­itive­ly enhances my style.

I absolute­ly loved work­ing with Minh-Ly and imme­di­ate­ly booked anoth­er full day shoot with her.

If you are look­ing for a beau­ti­ful, pro­fes­sion­al mod­el with great work ethics, I strong­ly rec­om­mend you book Minh-Ly. And… apart from being high­ly pro­fes­sion­al, she is also a very nice person.

Professor Woland, Photographer | Switzerland

Can’t say enough good things about Minh-Ly. She was con­stant­ly in con­tact before, dur­ing and after the shoot. Beautiful, Professional, Friendly, Punctual, Hard Working, Cooperative, Helpful, and all-around Charming. 

Worth every sec­ond of my time and effort.

Terry Lacey, Photographer | Canada

If you’re look­ing for one of the best then this is her! A ver­sa­tile, emo­tion­al and high­ly intel­li­gent mod­el, Minh-Ly con­stant­ly rein­vents her­self. Always pre­pared, always mor­ph­ing dur­ing a shoot : it is an hon­our to wit­ness her pre­sen­ta­tion of my art. With just a few words, Minh-Ly will absorb a con­cept and then ele­vate it to even high­er lev­els of beau­ty. This lady has an open invi­ta­tion to my ser­vices, any time and always !

Skin Detailz, Art Director / Bodypainter / Makeup-Artist / Stylist | Canada

Minh-Ly is pure genius. What a plea­sure to have worked with a true pro­fes­sion­al, from start to fin­ish. Very ver­sa­tile and skill­ful at achiev­ing all the con­cepts I asked of her. As the pos­ing was chore­o­graphed to achieve the desired light­ing effect, Minh-Ly was very patient and skill­ful with micro move­ments to get the desired effect. She has beau­ti­ful fea­tures and a unique appeal for me to achieve a cool folio of images. It is always a plea­sure to work with a mod­el who loves her work and always strives to work in har­mo­ny with con­cepts a pho­tog­ra­ph­er wants to achieve. We were both on the same wave­length and I loved the results. Minh-Ly comes high­ly rec­om­mend­ed by me, and I hope to work with her in the near future.

Seamus Costelloe, Photographer / Workshop Organizer | Ireland

Minh-Ly is my per­son­al inspi­ra­tion. We have worked togeth­er fre­quent­ly and I brag to our mutu­al con­tacts (and her future clients) that she could mod­el a shoelace for hours if you asked her. Sure enough, some­one final­ly did and appar­ent­ly she rocked it — I’m not sur­prised. Minh-Ly has an insane queue of pos­es in her mind at all times. She is an ever­last­ing inspi­ra­tion. Not only will she help you cre­ate images you could­n’t think of, her ambi­tion, work eth­ic, per­son­al­i­ty, and gen­er­al per­son­hood will dri­ve you to cre­ate oth­er images you nev­er dreamed you would.

I high­ly rec­om­mend hir­ing her or even meet­ing her (if you’re lucky enough to steal an hour of her valu­able time). She is prob­a­bly the only per­son — that I can say with absolute cer­tain­ty — is one in a million.

Starla, Model / Model Scout & Coach | Canada

Minh-Ly has every­thing a pho­tog­ra­ph­er could wish for… Poise, Elegance, Beauty, Expression, Creativity, Versatility and she is also Uninhibited and Fearless.

I had a full day shoot with her last tues­day on her vis­it to Dublin and I was delight­ed with the results.

Minh-Ly is fan­tas­tic to work with both as a per­son and a mod­el and her pre-shoot con­tacts were pro­fes­sion­al, very effi­cient and her punc­tu­al­i­ty is excellent.

She is excep­tion­al­ly ver­sa­tile in her mod­el­ing skills and is will­ing to try new things which she has not done before. She brings expres­sions and pos­es from her yoga/​ballet/​gymnastics back­ground to the shoot with great effect.

Her pleas­ing per­son­al­i­ty and her great sense of hav­ing fun make her a super mod­el to work with but this is a mod­el who takes her mod­el­ing seri­ous­ly and seeks per­fec­tion in all she does.Her own pho­to­graph­ic exper­tise enables her to have a great under­stand­ing of stu­dio light­ing, cam­era angles, per­spec­tive, etc.

If you book Minh-ly you will be delight­ed with her per­for­mance and you will cer­tain­ly want to shoot with her again as I do.


AM images, Photographer | Ireland

After miss­ing her last time she came about, I was real­ly lucky to final­ly man­age to shoot this leg­end of a mod­el… and she did not disappoint.

Don’t let her hum­ble char­ac­ter catch you off guard she will sur­prise you… unless you know already what you were get­ting… and then some !!!

I had such an amaz­ing time shoot­ing with her it was rather sad when the shoot end­ed and she had to go… Minh Ly was awe­some. She need­ed no direc­tion, nat­ur­al flow and almost did the work for me to be hon­est… Ideas just flow when you shoot with her and you will realise that if you are not care­ful you will have shot way more than planned and time also slips by unnoticed.

Minh Ly, I can’t wait for you to return, it has been awe­some shoot­ing with you.

Gyokko, Photographer | United Kingdom

I wrote three posts on my stu­dio blog about my shoot with Minh-Ly. It took that much to describe the wide ground I was able to cov­er with one mod­el, in one shoot, in one day. Some mod­els lis­ten and help you move your ideas for­ward. That’s because they are actu­al­ly inter­est­ed in your work, then inter­pret your ideas. It’s more like direct­ing the­atre. You cre­ate some­thing big­ger than your­self. The pic­ture you make has mean­ing. If that is what you are try­ing to achieve as an artist, Minh-Ly can help you. Maybe it’s because she’s a pho­tog­ra­ph­er her­self, an art direc­tor. She knows as much as you do.

Bruce Springsteen said 1+1 has to result in 3 oth­er­wise keep your day job. With Minh-Ly I felt like the math added up to 3.

Studio NDG, Photographer | Canada

Minh-Ly is a gem ! Her artis­tic vision, her style, her atti­tude are just fan­tas­tic. I can­not give her enough praise… hands down, the best mod­el I have had the plea­sure of shooting.

I high­ly rec­om­mend any pho­tog­ra­ph­er to work with her, although I’d love to keep her to myself 🙂 . It’s almost as if she was read­ing my mind. What I envi­sioned, she saw. She’s a great per­son and a great model !

Chasingfireflies, Photographer | Australia
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