Booking Info

Booking Info2020-02-23T08:21:29-05:00

Thank you for your interest in booking me! For the best possible experience, I find important to clarify some points beforehand in order for everything to go smoothly and to avoid misunderstandings.

How do I work ?

I like to work in a collaborative way, sharing ideas and creative investment with the photographer. With my experience both as a model and as a photographer, all my crazy ideas and my background in fashion design, I can help you build up a visual world where we can both express ourselves.

How long to book ?

Booking at least 4 h is strongly recommended, as it allows us a more relaxed workflow and gives us the time to build up a visual project. Booking 4 h instead of 2 h costs only 20 % more, and I offer large discounts for 6 h up to 3 days, as it is much more comfortable for me.

Are you a beginner ?

If you are a beginner, don’t be shy and just say so ! I can assist you in the whole process and coach you to get you started, as I have worked with many levels of photographers over the past 7 years. My husband can also assist you with the lighting and shooting technics when he travels with me.

How to book me ?

  1. Message me with as much detail as possible regarding the nature of your project, location, duration of the shoot, involved team, purpose of the pictures, expectations, etc.
  2. If needed, we will arrange a phone/VoIP meeting to discuss the details of the project and get to know each other,
  3. After we agree on the project and on my rates, you will be asked to pay a 30 % deposit to secure the shoot. This deposit is refundable in full if you cancel sufficiently ahead of the shoot (see the Cancellation Policy), is used as an advance on my professional expenses (transportation, make-up…), and is non-negotiable.
  4. Upon receipt of the deposit, you will get a confirmation email providing you :
    • the contractual agreed details of the shoot (time, duration, location, nature of the project, people involved),
    • my phone number and emergency contact,
    • an invitation to the event from my Google Agenda.
  5. The remaining 70 % of my rates must be provided before I leave the set.

The deposit can be paid using e-transfer, Paypal, Stripe, TransferWise or a direct IBAN/SEPA transfer. The remainder of my rates can be paid the same way or in cash at the end of the shoot. By messaging me, you fully agree on the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions – Frequent Questions

How are my rates calculated ?2020-02-19T09:24:26-05:00

My rates are calculated on a per-project basis, taking into account the actual expenses and working time engaged for each project. The professional expenses usually represent 60 % to 80 % of the total amount I charge, and are the same no matter the duration of the shoot, so booking 4 hours instead of 2 hours, for example, is only approximately 20 % more expensive. I recommend booking for at least 4 hours, as it will provide the most value for your time and allow us to work in relaxed fashion.

When setting the rate for a shoot, I take into account the additional items that are needed and who is providing them, so please tell me if you providing/covering transportation, make-up, make-up artists, hair-dresser, etc.

My regular rates apply for office hours (8 am to 8 pm). For late night and early morning shoots, I charge 20 % extra for the inconvenient scheduling, plus taxi fares if public transportation is not available at these hours.

How to communicate with me ?2020-02-23T08:12:18-05:00

Please be aware that my primary task is to be in front of someone’s lens, in which case I cannot multitask and take or return your calls and emails. I also interact with many people on various time-zones. Therefore, allow me a 72 h delay to answer your messages/inquiries/calls.

Social media and their scattered informal chats make communicating unpractical to keep track of conversations everywhere. For this reason, the only way to contact me is centralized :

  • by email for general communications and inquiries,
  • by phone/VoIP to discuss projects and ideas in detail (request a meeting by email),
  • by phone/SMS only for emergency contacts, in the 48h prior to our shoot (my number will be provided in the shoot confirmation email).
Is your shoot confirmed ?2020-02-19T14:16:40-05:00

I understand some photographers have had bad experiences with some models who did not show up at the shoot, and as much as I would like to reassure you on the fact that I will show up on time, re-sending 3–5 emails per photographer to re-confirm every couple of days that the shoot is still on adds a lot of administrative work on my side.

If we agreed on the shoot, and you paid the deposit, and I sent you the confirmation details, our shoot is confirmed and you won’t get another confirmation notice. Don’t assume that, because I failed to answer your latest confirmation inquiry, I won’t be there. If you did not get an explicit message from me stating that I cancel the shoot, the shoot is assumed to be happening.

What are my body measurements & stats ?2020-02-19T13:49:46-05:00
Height5’5 | 165 cm
Weight120 lbs | 54 kg
BustCA-UK 36B | EU 80B | FR 95B | 92 cm
Waist28″ | 71 cm
Hips37,5″ | 95 cm
DressS to M | FR 36 | CA 4-6 | UK 8
ShoeCA 6.5 | EU 37 | UK 4
Hair ColorBlack with light brown highlights in the bottom
Hair LengthMedium (past shoulders)
Eye ColorDark brown
PiercingsEar lobes only


What are my limits & restrictions during a shoot ?2020-02-23T08:16:47-05:00
  • The shoot must be what was discussed in our prior communications (location, set, genre, team members, etc.). Don’t hesitate to check with me beforehand if I am ok with whatever project, but please stick to what was agreed in our communications once on set. The scope of the shoot is contractually defined in the confirmation email I send upon receipt of the deposit.
  • I expect a shoot to be booked by one photographer for one photographer. If you plan on shooting with other photographers, please let me know their names beforehand so I can check their portfolio/credentials and approve or deny the project.
  • I expect a shoot to be booked as a single model. If you plan on shooting me in duo/group of models, please let me know their names beforehand so I can check their portfolio/credentials and approve or deny the project.
  • Please do not touch me, no matter the reason, unless consent is given.
  • If shooting nude, temperatures must be warmer than 15°C/60°F (indoors or outdoors). It is very much appreciated if you can ensure your location is heated at least at 22°C/72°F.
  • All nude shoots must happen in reasonably private locations.
  • Use of clothing or props that leave marks on the skin (ropes, corsets, etc.) must be notified before the shoot so I can ensure you are the last shoot of the day and avoid showing up with marks on my next assignment.
  • Use of glitters, body paint, mud, clay, oil or any sticky/staining substance to cover my skin must be notified before the shoot and facilities must be provided to clean-up before my next assignment (the time for clean-up should be planned inside my billable hours).
  • I reserve myself the right to refuse to wear any kind of props or clothing and perform anything I find offensive, vulgar or degrading.
  • If you want me to sign a model-release contract, please send it to me before the shoot.
  • Shooting nudes at temperatures below 15°C/60°F will be considered only if you provide a warm shelter, hot beverages and blankets immediately on the set, and if the exposure to coldness is very limited in time.
Right of withdrawal

I reserve the right to leave the shoot at any time and claim my rates paid in full if :

  • the actual shoot does not correspond to the initially agreed upon project, for example (but not limited to) :
    • if I discover last minute that I am to pose with another model or for another photographer (or a group) without prior notice,
    • if the photographer tries to sneak his way into switching the theme of the shoot from art nude to erotic/pornographic material.
  • my security is endangered, for example (but not limited to) :
    • if I discover that the shooting location is not safe (dangerous wild animals, risks of drawing, falling or any other injury),
    • if I am asked to do illegal public nudity, property trespassing, etc.
    • if the location to shoot nudes is in crowded venues and in plain sight,
    • if any member of the shooting team has an inappropriate behaviour toward me (attempt to kiss me, touch me without consent, getting me drunk, etc.).
What do my rates include ?2020-02-23T08:25:57-05:00
  • Working on set,
  • Makeup (professional cosmetics),
  • Hair,
  • Styling & wardrobe,
  • Art direction and beginners coaching (if needed),
  • Travelling time and fees (2h roundtrip max from my base point in the city to the shooting location),
  • Communication and planning time.
What does my time include ?2020-02-19T14:06:38-05:00

The duration of shooting/posing starts exactly at the time agreed and stops after the exact number of hours agreed. Out of respect for my next clients, I generally cannot stretch the shooting sessions past the agreed amount of time without prior notice. If I happen to be late to a shoot, I will either refund the time lost or stay later if I can.

When showing up at your shooting location, my make-up and my hair are already done (which takes me about 45 minutes), so we are ready to begin straight away.

  • If you provide a make-up artist on the shoot, I give you a 45 minutes extra time (for free), but you need to mention it at least 48 h in advance.
  • Breaks are included into my billable hours (except lunch/diner breaks).
  • Change of setup, hair, make-up, clothing or travel between locations are included into my billable hours.
  • If you would like to extend our shoot past the agreed duration, please say it as soon as possible so I can make arrangements.
  • If you choose to end our shoot earlier than agreed, my rates will not be prorated.
What is my cancellation policy ?2020-02-19T09:27:20-05:00

Before showing up at your doorstep, I have already engaged expenses like transportation, make-up, plus lodging, insurances and visas if I am abroad, and I have put up the time to arrange the shoot and do my make-up. To cover those expenses, I ask a non-negotiable 30 % deposit, paid at the time of booking and at least 7 days before the the shoot.

I understand unexpected things may happen at unfortunate timings, and I will do my best to accommodate for any changes, but last-minute cancellations mean substantial losses for me. If a change or a postponement is not possible, I require a cancellation fee to cover for my losses.

Cancellation fees in Nancy-Metz (North-East of France) area
  • from 48 h notice and above : free of charge, deposit refunded in full,
  • between 24 h and 48 h notice : 30 % deposit not refunded,
  • less than 24 h notice : payment due in full (deposit + remainder).
Cancellation fees worldwide (except North-East of France)
  • from 14 days notice and above : free of charge, deposit refunded in full,
  • between 72 h and 14 days notice : 30 % deposit not refunded,
  • less than 72 h notice : payment due in full (deposit + remainder).

In the unlikely event that I am the one to cancel, the deposit will be returned and any studio fees will be covered by me.

What languages do I speak ?2020-02-19T13:49:54-05:00

French is my native language, and I am fluent in English.

What styles & genres do I model ?2020-02-19T09:05:54-05:00

My passion and interest lie in creating artistic imagery. I reserve the right to not pose in a way I don’t feel is in line with my working style or if I feel my health and wellbeing is at risk. Please use my portfolio as a guide to my comfort levels and if you require further clarification of my boundaries, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Acting / Conceptual,
  • Artistic nudes,
  • Bodypaint,
  • Beauty / Editorial / Fashion / Hair / Lifestyle,
  • Dance / Movement / Yoga,
  • Live modeling,
  • Portrait,
  • Underwater (so far, I have modelled around 10 underwater shoots in pools. I am confident and relaxed to pose gracefully underwater).
What styles & genres do I refuse ?2020-02-19T08:18:03-05:00
  • Adult and pornographic styles, striptease and masturbation,
  • Hustler, Playboy, Penthouse similar images,
  • Schoolgirl fantasy and cosplay,
  • Objectifying and sexist content,
  • Offensive, sacrilegious and violent type of content,
  • Content for personal collections or paysite/membership websites.

I have created an anti-Pinterest moodboard; meaning a moodboard consisting of styles I wish to avoid. Please take a look here:

What to do when/if I am unreachable ?2020-02-23T08:10:50-05:00

Sometimes, while travelling, I don’t have access to internet for several days or I work from the early morning to the late evening, in which case I cannot answer your emails. In case of an emergency, if I cannot be reached, please contact my husband, Aurélien PIERRE. He is a photographer too, he helps me with my schedule (his contact info is in the footer of each of my emails) and should be able to answer most of your concerns.

Don’t assume that, because I did not reply to your last-minute inquiries/confirmation calls, the shoot is to be cancelled. Shoots are confirmed as soon as I get the deposit and cancelled only if an explicit cancellation message has been sent.

Why do I refuse TF/free collaborations ?2020-02-23T08:10:04-05:00

Planning for travels, communicating with photographers, going to the shoots, anticipating and solving logistical issues is my whole job and takes way more than 40 h/week if I am not careful. As such, I cannot afford to model for free, my work is serious and so is the time it takes.

60 to 80 % of my rates only cover my professional expenses, from traveling and lodging fees to make-up and wardrobe.

Traveling area

My local, regular, traveling area encompasses Nancy, Metz, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Reims, Mulhouse and Saarbrücken. I have a valid passport and travel regularly to Paris, mainland Europe and Canada.

Curious about how to work with models ?

If you are new to working with models and you are a bit nervous, I highly recommend that you read this clearly written and easy-to-read ebook by fellow pro model Kaitlin Chapple : How to work with models – A model’s guide for photographers