Here are some themes I real­ly enjoy shooting:

Creative beau­ty, edi­to­r­i­al, portraits
Emotive por­traits, raw, expres­sive styles
Fashion (casu­al chic, boho, glam rock, etc.)
Androgynous, tomboy
Avant-garde fash­ion and fash­ion nudes
Film noir, Hollywood era, Femme fatale
Experimental, weird, quirky, surrealism
Underwater, oth­er­word­ly and ethereal
Fantasy, Asian myths and legends
Hommage to Vietnamese culture
Sculptural stu­dio nudes, abstracts or geo­met­ric forms, bodyscapes
Human form in the land­scape, drone
Dance (con­tem­po­rary, K‑Pop, fla­men­co, etc.)
Collaborative pho­to­shoots in duo/​group
Or even with animals !
Artistic shibari