Remote Photoshoots2022-01-24T15:19:51-05:00

Hello! As an alternative to photoshoots in-person during the pandemic, I am offering you a customized remote photoshooting experience. It is a way for us to create high-quality images without being in the same physical location.

All you need is a laptop with fast enough internet and screen-sharing!

How does it work?

What will you need?2022-01-22T08:00:12-05:00
  1. Laptop/ Computer with a fast-enough internet connection,
  2. AnyDesk installed on your computer for screen sharing,
  3. Signal, What’s App, or Telegram for video chat,

*Although you don’t need it on your own computer, you can familiarize yourself with a short tutorial video of the tethering software I use, Smart Shooter 4 (you can download it for a 30-day free trial).

My equipment2022-01-06T16:37:28-05:00


  • Full-frame Nikon Z6 Camera (24.5 Mpx),
  • Nikon 35mm F/2 Ai-S (manual focus, with assistant or at hyperfocal),
  • Nikon 50mm F/1.8 G,
  • Nikon 85mm F/1.8 G,
  • Nikon 135mm F/2 D-DC (manual focus, with assistant only),
  • Sekonic L478 Lightmeter/Flashmeter,
  • Spyder Color Checker 48 (ICC v2 or v4 color profiles can be made on-demand for advanced colorimetry),
  • Backdrop stand.


  • Available light from the window (1,30 m wide by 1.80m high) facing north-east and light from the roof,
  • Continuous dimmable lighting with 10 × True-Light LED bulbs + dimmers + 3 stands mounts (set white balance to 5500 K and done!),
  • Circular diffusing scrims ( 60 cm, 90 cm), large scrim (180×140 cm sheet),
  • 120 cm octogonal softbox (with optional diffusor and honeycomb),
  • 60 cm and 90 cm circular reflectors (white, golden, silver, golden/silver zebras),
  • Giraffe and straight flash stands.
Make-up / Hair / Wardrobe2022-03-10T08:46:25-05:00


Trained in make-up, I am able to do my make-up to a very good standard, from natural to evening/glamorous looks.


I can do different simple hairdos from ponytails, braids, voluminous messy hair, bun, curls, to wavy hair. Additionally, I can bring short wigs upon request: black bob with bangs and brown pixie cut.


I have a vast and carefully chosen collection of photogenic outfits & accessories that would make most creatives envious.

My personal taste includes:

    • androgynous / business,
    • casual,
    • chic-glamourous,
    • eclectic / colorful / editorial,
    • feminine and sheer,
    • flowy outfits and fabrics for movement and dance
    • luxurious boudoir sets,
    • Asian-inspired (Hanfu, Vietnamese, Japanese).
Sneak peek to my wardrobe collection


200(100 €/h)


240(80 €/h)


280(70 €/h)





These rates are for shoots made in my home studio (not available in winter). For Special Locations I rent, my rates will be calculated accordingly to reflect the additional expenses.

I require a non-refundable 50% of my rate for our booking. This can be paid by bank transfer. Paypal is also possible with an additional 5% commission.
You automatically get a 5% discount when you book me for our second shoot. Regular clients and Remote Newsletter subscribers (below) have a 10 % discount in total for any future shoot.

Terms & Conditions2022-08-24T16:21:12-05:00
  • Cancellation policy:
    • If you need to postpone our session, I will hold on to the booking deposit (30% rate) until another suitable date can be arranged up to a maximum of 6 months,
    • In the very unlikely event that I have to postpone, I will offer to reschedule the session or refund you if no future date suits.
  • Model release & Use of images:
    • If you need me to sign a model release, please send a copy before our shoot. I do not sign contracts presented to me on the day of the shoot or after.
    • The images we take are not added to any adult-orientated pay-site / members site, Patreon or Onlyfans. In some cases where content is strictly artistic, I may give permission, but please check with me first.
  • My limits:
    • I am not available to pose for :
      • Flirty, submissive, slutty or tacky glamour/cosplay/pin-up,
      • Personal collection,
      • Erotic/Pornography,
      • Membership sites (DiverxityBentbox, etc.),
      • For the visuals like me, here are some example images styles that I won’t pose for.
    • I reserve the right to remove any shots that may be accidentally too revealing (labia) before sending the files via Dropbox,
    • No recordings of the screen-share or video calls are to be made.

My Home Studio (not available in winter) includes:

  • Red/pinkish wall,
  • Turquoise wall,
  • Black backdrop,
  • Space by the window,
  • Various furniture (wooden chair, bench x2, funky sofa, and carpets).


    Your preferred availability(ies) for the shoot? Times are in GMT + 01:00 (Paris).
    WeekdayWeekendMorning (08:00-12:00)Afternoon (12:00-16:00)Evening (16:00-20:00)Night (20:00-23:00)

    Attached files (model release/inspiration pictures/etc.)

    *required field