From the Spatial Concepts series with Yoram Roth

70 x 53 cm, each. Chromed aluminum frames around the crop, acrylic, lacquer, and waxed paper.

”I made a Diptych out of this because the rhythm worked so well. Originally there were three images from this shoot. They were very alike, even though they were shot hand-held from a ladder. I loved all three of the pieces but felt they competed with one another individually. To show all three would have meant that they cancel each other out, but making two of them into one piece felt really right.

The scale also matters, both in the subject of the image, and the way the patterned texture feels. They needed to be a little smaller, so combining these two was possible.

There were other images from that day that would have worked, but the photographic basis of my work requires me to do triage editing. I’ll add another idea from this session because I really enjoyed working with Minh Ly. Besides cutting her knees and arms on the razor-sharp laser-cut acrylic element, she brought a lot of her own creativity to this shooting day.