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I launched this publishing platform for anyone who wanted to support my creative endeavours and enjoy my full body of work.

I started my career as a model 5 years ago in Canada and fell in love with our creative community, being part of the process, travelling to interesting, exciting and historical sites, meeting with world-class photographers and artists from whom I learned so much from their processes and approaches, and of course the results that will be staying in the records forever. Creating what I was envisioning, raw and uncensored, was my cry for life being answered. I just couldn’t stop.

As a model, I am hired by artists to work on their projects but, as a perfectionist and ever-curious art-lover, I feel the occasional need to express other feelings and moods, develop a fresh and different art, and explore the boundaries of various topics. Trial and error, taking risks and making mistakes are all part of this approach, something which I cannot afford to do working on paid assignments.

On this member section, you will get to enjoy content, as a model and photographer, behind-the-scenes posts, a travel diary from the unique places that I visit (Turkey, China, Iceland, to name a few), and more personal and risqué images, work which cannot be shared elsewhere without offending some values and fans.

5€/month (it’s like offering me a beer or a coffee every month!) is all is required for you to view all issues, past and future that will never be published elsewhere, from 2 artists: Aurélien Pierre, which is a recurring local collaborator, as well as myself.

To subscribe is to participate in photos, articles, series, resources, intellectual and artistic freedom and really serves to support me in my effort to provide more time to continue working for you and feeding our mutual creative endeavors.

I hope that this message finds its way to you and anyone who believes in what is most dear to me, creating art.
A sincere thanks to all of you.

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