Photoshoots & Videography2022-08-07T23:25:55-05:00
Active years
How wonderful! Thank you for your interest in booking me as your model. Please take the time to get acquainted with my expectations, safety conditions as well as what I can offer you as your creative partner.
I enjoy working with photographers of every skill level (as long as you can provide references). Shooting with me is laid-back and productive.

You can book me for :

  • Photoshoots and videography – for portfolio, learning, enjoyment, personal projects, commercial work, fine-art prints, exhibitions, contests, or publications,

  • Educational workshops, classes, and events I am an experienced, patient, and easy-to-work-with model,
  • Photography trips – let’s explore beautiful and unique locations in Europe or abroad.

Working ethics and Terms & Conditions

Genres & limits2022-06-13T05:54:45-05:00
Genres I pose for :
  • Artistic / Fine-art Nude,
  • Bodypaint,
  • Boudoir and lingerie,
  • Conceptual Art, Experimental,
  • Dance and Yoga (self-taught),
  • Editorial, Fashion, Hair/Makeup and Lifestyle,
  • Life modeling (artists),
  • Portrait,
  • Underwater.
What I am not available for hire:
  • Flirty, submissive, slutty or tacky glamour/cosplay/pin-up,
  • Personal collection,
  • Pornography,
  • Membership sites (DiverxityBentbox, etc.).
  • I reserve the right to refuse themes, poses, and/or wardrobe that I deem incompatible with my brand,
  • Please do not touch me without my consent,
  • Only my artist name, Minh-Ly, can be used in reference to our photography,
  • If you need me to sign a model release, please send a copy before our shoot. I do not sign contracts presented to me on the day of the shoot or after.
  • Please confirm at the time of booking if you:
    • Want me to pose with other models – it depends on the project,
    • Plan on shooting with other photographers – we can agree on terms accordingly,
    • Want to use clothing or props that leave marks on the skin (ropes, corsets, etc.),
    • Want me to be covered in glitter, body paint, oil, water, etc. – the last 15 minutes of our scheduled shoot time and a dedicated place to clean up will be required.
Make-up / Hair / Wardrobe2022-05-11T06:12:33-05:00
I am providing full makeup/hair/styling services. For any advanced/specific looks, I recommend hiring a professional make-up artist/hairstylist/stylist.


Trained in Makeup, I am able to do my make-up to a very good standard, from natural to evening/glamorous looks.


I can do different simple hairdos from ponytails, braids, voluminous messy hair, bun, curls, to wavy hair. Additionally, I can bring short wigs upon request: black bob with bangs and brown pixie cut.


Trained in Fashion Design, I can style my own sets. I also own a vast and carefully chosen collection of rare and photogenic outfits & accessories that would make most creatives envious.

My personal taste includes:

  • androgynous/business,
  • casual,
  • chic-glamourous/femme fatale,
  • eclectic/colorful/editorial,
  • feminine and sheer,
  • flowy outfits and fabrics for movement and dance
  • luxurious boudoir sets,
  • modern and traditional Asian fashion (Hanfu, Vietnamese, Japanese).

Rates upon request.

Modeling is my profession and livelihood and so I do not accept TFP/free collaborations. Read more:

My regular rates apply from 08:00 to 20:00. For late night and early morning shoots, I charge an additional 40% plus taxi fare. Sunrise shoots are possible without an additional fee if you book me for a full day (8h).

I can provide you with an invoice.

I require a non-refundable 30% deposit to secure our booking, and the remaining 70% is due at the beginning of our shoot.

You can pay the deposit by bank transfer. Paypal is also possible with an additional 5% (platform commission).

Timing / Scheduling2022-07-01T08:40:38-05:00
  • The shoot starts and stops as agreed in my confirmation email,
  • If you choose to end our shoot earlier than agreed, my rates will not be prorated,
  • If our shoot is longer than 4 hours, we have at least one lunch/refreshment break (minimum 3omin),
  • Change of setup, hair, make-up, clothing, or travel between locations and breaks are included in my billable hours,
  • I will arrive at our shoot with my makeup and hair already done with a possible 5 – 10 minutes touch-up before we start. If you provide a makeup artist or hairstylist for the shoot, we can add one hour of the session without charge for preparation.

If anything comes up (72h or less before our shoot), call me at the phone number written in your confirmation email.

In the highly unlikely event I need to cancel, I will email/phone you as soon as I know.

Cancellation policy2022-09-08T21:29:34-05:00
  • Less than 7 days notice*: payment due in full (deposit + remainder).

*It is often impossible for me to rebook shoots on such short notice and have as well considerable non-refundable travel expenses.

In the extremely unlikely event that I cancel, the deposit will be returned.

Covid-19 special conditions

For shoots booked that have to be cancelled due to government measures such as confinement or lock-down, the following conditions apply :

  • if I am already in your city/region, deposits will be partly refunded. I will keep just enough to cover travelling fees,
  • if I am still at home, deposits will be fully refunded.
Shooting safety conditions2022-03-08T05:14:35-05:00

I trust you to provide a safe working environment, health and safety concerns, and accidents can result in serious and permanent injuries (see my scars).

Nude shoots
  • Temperatures must be warmer than 15°C/60°F,
  • No audience, crowded tourist areas, voyeurs, etc.
Outdoors shoots
  • You are responsible for checking weather reports and take appropriate safety measures. This includes storms, tides (hours and coefficient), and other possibly harmful weather events,
  • I expect you to provide relevant information about possible threats in the area of the shoot, such as the presence of aggressive, biting, stinging, venomous or other dangerous animals and parasites (ticks, mosquitos, snakes, jellyfish, spiders, etc.) in order to pack proper first-aid and repellent equipment.
  • You must have explicit written authorisation from the property owner or manager for us to shoot there. I will not engage in private property trespassing or any illegal activity,
  • The shooting location must be reasonably safe (no broken glass, syringes, toxic fungus, etc.).
Props and rigging
  • I expect you to provide me assurances that any shooting props or rigging apparatus are safe for our shoot. I will hold you accountable for any injuries.

Appearance & Stats

US Metric
Height 5’5 165 cm
Weight 120 lbs 54 kg
Bust 36”A 90 cm
Waist 28” 71 cm
Hips 37,5” 95 cm
Dress size 6 (Small) 36 (Small)
Shoes 6,5 37
Hair Color Black
Hair Length Long (bust level)
Eye Color Dark brown
Skin Tanned
Tattoos None
Piercings Ear lobes only
Scars On my left thigh and right buttock (photoshoot accident).

I can cover them with make-up upon request.

COVID-19 special conditions

I am COVID-vaccinated and travel in accordance with respective regulations and safety measures.


Temperatures below 15°C/60°F — shooting under these weather conditions will be considered only if you provide a warm shelter, hot beverages, and blankets immediately on the set/location, and I reserve the right to end photography.

Right of withdrawal*

I reserve the right to leave the shoot at any time and claim my rates paid in full if the actual shoot is inconsistent with what we confirmed at the time of the booking and/or my safety is at risk.

*Out of 1400 shoots, my right of withdrawal has been used 3 times only.

Discounts are for one-on-one photoshoots only and can be combined for a maximum of 10%.

Header picture : Walter Sans ; Left picture : Anka Zhuravleva ; Right picture : Josefien Hoekstra ; Makeup/Hair/Styling montage picture top left : Justin W King.