Multidisciplinary Artist

Hello, I am Minh-Ly!

I am a stylist and model with extensive photo and art direction experience.

Over the past ten years, I have been using my talents, vision and understanding of visual arts to create quality content for photographers worldwide, both for commercial and personal projects.

Paris, Europe & Worldwide

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Art Direction


Studio rental

Minh-Ly is great, comes perfectly prepared, works her ass off like a pro, and perfect posing every time. She is on the ball, beautiful, professional, modest, friendly, and smart. Has a beautiful way of posing that you will fall in love with. Can’t fault her.

If you are unsure about booking her, don’t be. You will not be disappointed.

Dreaming of Models / Sapphire Studio, photo event organizer, stylist, studio | The Netherlands

3 times, I have been impressed.
You think you only booked a model, but what you actually receive is a model, a makeup artist, a stylist, and an art director.

I’d invite any photographer to listen to her and to let her lead at some point. She’ll teach you things you didn’t think were possible.

Be ready to shoot and create images that are way above your actual photography level. I totally recommend working with Minh-Ly.

Lecturewoon, photographer | Belgium

Minh-Ly is my personal inspiration. We have worked together frequently and I brag to our mutual contacts (and her future clients) that she could model a shoelace for hours if you asked her. Sure enough, someone finally did and apparently she rocked it – I’m not surprised. Minh-Ly has an insane queue of poses in her mind at all times. She is an everlasting inspiration. Not only will she help you create images you couldn’t think of, her ambition, work ethic, personality, and general personhood will drive you to create other images you never dreamed you would.

I highly recommend hiring her or even meeting her (if you’re lucky enough to steal an hour of her valuable time). She is probably the only person – that I can say with absolute certainty – is one in a million.

Starla, professional model & content creator | Canada

Photos: Sixe, Christine Turek, David Dagostini x2, Anka Zhuravleva x2, Raf Van den Bogaert, Wouter Colen and Bastiaan Woudt.