Professional Model | Art Director | Photographer


I am a nomadic artist with extensive photo and video experience.

I offer my creative experience to fellow visual artists in order to help solve complex creative problems, realize artistic visions and goals, and create quality content.

– Europe, Worldwide & Remote –


My Services

Promoting your brand/artistry.

Coordinating & creating unique looks.

Creating/interpreting your artistic vision.

Helping you reach your creative ambitions.

Showcasing the work you own.

Minh-Ly is my personal inspiration. We have worked together frequently and I brag to our mutual contacts (and her future clients) that she could model a shoelace for hours if you asked her. Sure enough, someone finally did and apparently she rocked it – I’m not surprised. Minh-Ly has an insane queue of poses in her mind at all times. She is an everlasting inspiration. Not only will she help you create images you couldn’t think of, her ambition, work ethic, personality, and general personhood will drive you to create other images you never dreamed you would.

I highly recommend hiring her or even meeting her (if you’re lucky enough to steal an hour of her valuable time). She is probably the only person – that I can say with absolute certainty – is one in a million.

Starla, Professional model & Content creator | Canada
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Photos: Walter Sans (3x), Paul Cooley, FX Pelissier, Chris Calvet, Anka Zhuravleva, Charles-S and Bastiaan Woudt.