Active years
Thank you for your interest!
Modeling and art direction have been my career for many years and I enjoy working with artists of any skill level.
I’d like to hear from you and exchange ideas and expectations.

You can book me as your model for:

  • Photoshoots – portfolio, creative projects, commercial work, prints, exhibitions, etc.

  • Educational workshops and classes

  • Live modeling classes (only when I am at my home base)

  • Photographic events

  • Photography trips

Image by Philip Faith for Majestix Extensions Capillaires salon in Canada.
Styling/hair/makeup by me.

Working ethics and Terms & Conditions

Levels & Limits2023-07-10T08:44:47-05:00

I am comfortable posing from portrait up to art nude.

No erotic, explicit and tacky or submissive glamour/cosplay/pin-up.

Non-commercial rates (2023)
Hourly €105 (2 hours min.)
4h (half-day) €350
8h (full day) €600
Multiple days TBD

+ bus/train tickets

These are my rates for one photographer between 8AM-8PM.

  • They always include up to 2h of traveling time, makeup, hair, styling, and art direction.
  • I charge an additional 40% fee for sunrise & late night photoshoots except for a full day or multiple days.
  • There is an extra 25% fee per shooter if you share your time with another photographer(s).
  • Workshops/classes rates are on request.
  • A 30% retainer will be asked to secure our booking.
  • Cash is preferred, but I also accept bank transfers and Paypal.
  • Loyalty Discount:
    -5% discount if we have worked together in the last two years.

Cancellation policy2023-09-24T10:52:28-05:00

I always prefer to reschedule rather than cancel. If rescheduling is not possible within the next 7 days of our original shoot date, then my conditions apply.

If you cancel:
  • If I already left my home base: the retainer is non refundable.
  • Between 8 and 14 days notice before our shoot: half of the payment is due.
  • Within 7 days of notice before our shoot: the payment is due in full.
If I cancel:
  • In the extremely unlikely event that I cancel, the retainer will be returned.
  • If you have incurred non-refundable studio fees, I will reimburse you conditionally upon:
    1. The receipt of the rental bill communicated at least 2 weeks before our shoot,
    2. The explicit agreement on the price of the rental.
Shooting Etiquette & Considerations2023-07-10T10:59:34-05:00
  • I am a model that loves to read the model release beforehand. If you have one, please send it before confirming our shoot.
  • No touching without consent. Thanks for respecting!
  • I reserve the right to refuse themes, poses, and/or wardrobe that I am uncomfortable with.
  • The shoot starts and stops as agreed in our message thread.
    • If you choose to end our shoot earlier than agreed, my rates will stay unchanged.
    • If our shoot is longer than 3 hours, it should contain at least one break, to keep my energy up.
    • Change of setup, hair, makeup, clothing, or travel between locations and breaks are part of my billable hours.
    • I will arrive at our shoot with my makeup and hair already done with a possible 5-10 minutes touch-up before we start.
    • If you provide a makeup artist or hairstylist for our shoot, I will not charge for preparation time, up to one hour max.
  • Please let me know if you:
    • Want me to pose with additional models – it depends on the project and moodboards,
    • Want to work with additional photographers – I charge an additional 25% fee per shooter and have different rates for workshops/classes,
    • Want to use clothing or props that leave marks on the skin (ropes, corsets, etc.),
    • Want me to be covered in glitter, body paint, oil, water, etc. – the last 15 minutes of our scheduled shoot time, and a dedicated place to clean up will be required.
Image rights2023-07-10T08:44:09-05:00
  • Only my artist name, Minh-Ly, can be used in reference to our photography.
  • Sexually Explicit images (showing vagina and/or vulva) may not be published unless:
    • Either these parts are fully darkened or blurred in the final images,
    • Or explicit approval on a per-picture basis by me.
Our images may be used for the purpose of:
  • Art contests,
  • Art prints and art books sales,
  • Educational material,
  • Exhibitions,
  • Magazines/features,
  • Portfolio (printed and online),
  • Social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
Our images may not be used for the purpose of:
  • 3rd party advertising,
  • Membership sites (DiverxityBentbox, etc.),
  • Pornographic, defamatory, libelous, or otherwise unlawful use.
Safety conditions2023-07-23T03:32:24-05:00

I trust you to provide a safe working environment.
Accidents can result in serious and permanent injuries, as learned from my own personal experience: see my scars.

Nude shoots
  • Temperatures must be warmer than 15°C/60°F,
    • Exceptions —  shooting under these weather conditions will be considered only if you provide a warm shelter, hot beverages, and blankets immediately on the set/location. I also reserve the right to end photography if feeling at risk for my health.
  • No audience, crowded tourist areas, voyeurs, etc.
Outdoor shoots
  • Please check weather reports and take appropriate safety measures (ex: storms, high tides, etc.).
  • Please provide me with relevant information about possible threats in the area of the shoot (ticks, snakes, jellyfish, etc.) in order to pack proper first-aid and repellent equipment.
  • You must have explicit written authorisation from the property owner or manager for us to shoot there.
Props and rigging
  • Any shooting props or rigging apparatus should be safe for our shoot.
Right of withdrawal

I reserve the right to leave the shoot at any time and claim my rates in full if the actual shoot is inconsistent with what we confirmed at the time of the booking and/or my safety is at risk.

Current looks & Stats

Height 165 cm 5’5
Bust 90 cm 36”A
Waist 71 cm 28”
Hips 95 cm 37,5”
Dress size 36 (small) 6 (small)
Shoes 37 6,5
Hair Black Bust level
Eye Dark brown
Tattoos None
Scars Left thigh and right buttock.
Can be covered upon request.

Captured by Markus Draeger in Germany. Styling/hair/makeup by me.