Project Description

In 2017, I started this ongoing series called Revenge of the Model, which comprises of the camera being turned back on the photographer by the model. This series intended to capture in a humorous and lighthearted way the essence of the individual who captures others as their subjects. Often it is not until the photographer poses, do they truly appreciate how is it to be in front of the lens, to be confronted with an image of themselves taken by another and to be acknowledged as interesting or worthy enough to be the subject.

Since then, I have photographed over 50 photographers during my travels and I wish to continue doing so.

I am seeking photographers (female and male) over 21 years old, open to posing nude. Nudity is not mandatory but is recommended as it is giving me more artistic possibilities. The shoot can be done anonymously. No restrictions or requirements on looks.
The session is between 30min to 2h and the model will receive 1-5 pictures for personal use. As I have limited time I can allow for this personal project, I only take proposals from photographers wanting to hire me as a model for their shoot and doing my Revenge Model project in the same session. I am willing to negotiate discounted modelling rates in exchange.

If you are interested in participating and helping me with my project, simply message me in Contact.

To all my models who have posed for me, I give you a sincere thank you for their immense trust in allowing me to photograph them.