Portfolio Coaching for photographers and models


An investment in your art and business

Throughout my career, I have witnessed too many gems of amazing photos and content going unnoticed in digital clutter. Saved, looked once from the fresh excitement, then forgotten, confident that you will deal with them later…

Why not invest in yourself and select only the best content to share with your audience?

My curation is a way to:

  • Save you time.
  • Showcase your finest work.
  • Provide extra value while highlighting your own expertise.

Identifying your brand DNA and defining the message that you want to transmit are the first and most important steps within the creative process. With my years of experience over a thousand photoshoots worldwide and multiple publications, I will support you in defining your brand values and style and communicate them visually with quality content.

Minh-Ly has a fine eye for class and creativity. I’ve always known that, so when it came to finalizing my public portfolio, I came straight to her !

Organizing and prioritizing my own photos was super daunting and I had no idea how to objectively look at my own work over the past decade. Minh-Ly made it immensely easy, not only combing through the selection I had given her – but selecting images from my entire social media because she thought my selection didn’t highlight my strengths as well as she saw me. She finished the task in a day, which was an absolute relief, and created a comprehensive portfolio – even sorted by categories.

Minh-Ly definitely saved me a lot of time and did an extremely thorough job, I will definitely hire Minh-Ly’s talents again for my next portfolio revision.

Starla | Model