Photo by Walter Sans | The Netherlands

Elevating and bringing your individual creative vision to life

– Model, Photographer, and Art Director –

Hello, I am Minh-Ly. I am an agency signed (House of U), freelance professional model, and multidisciplinary artist. Europe-based, I travel internationally.

Through the past 9 years, I have worked as co-creator on over a thousand projects, mostly in fashion and fine art, with photographers and other medium artists  Рfrom all backgrounds and skill levels, and professional and amateurs/hobbyists alike.

Fully involved, knowledgeable, and versatile, I have helped artists reach their visual goals and create the best possible images. My skills range from posing, acting to full creative services (styling, make-up, and hair). While I also offer creative direction, I am comfortable adapting to the goals of the shoot and grasping the essence of the style, moods, or inspirations at hand.

Following an uninhibited passion for Art since 2013, I have been tirelessly improving my craft and expanding my knowledge. I love and feel most alive when I get to create and express myself in the moment connecting mind and body. Through my work and involvement, I aim to help create and promote content that is of quality, artistic, and soulful.

As a creative, I am available for these additional services related to photography: