Reliable, enthusiastic, fully involved in the process and thriving in creativity, I am a professional model working in the genres of portrait, fashion and nudes, with added experience in dance, acting and underwater modelling. I am happy working with a team of creatives or one-on-one, in studios, interiors or outdoor locations. Based in Nancy, France, I also travel worldwide working on a range of projects and assignments with professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Depending on the client and their needs, I can take a more or less prominent part in the styling, design and artistic direction of the project, and also help beginners with the framing and composition as I know my angles. My 8 years of experience as a model and 2 years of experience as a photographer make me aware of most of the photographer’s challenges, and I know precisely how to support you through the photoshoot session to help you achieve great pictures while having an enjoyable shooting experience.

My work as a photographer focuses on daily assignments as well as personal projects, including my ongoing series Revenge of the Model, a project that turns tables on today’s model-photographer/male-female dynamic in photography.

In 2013, I began modelling by chance in Montreal, Canada, during my Fashion Design studies, when my part-time job colleague, Pascal, approached me to pose for an analog photography session. With no prior experience in front of the lens, dreadful fear and past disdain for camera snaps, Pascal slowly guided me into his vision and, in two hours, we did one roll of twelve shots. The session was actually very pleasant and I was impressed with the results. I thought I didn’t look too shabby and I loved how intimate the process was! From there, it snowballed. I didn’t expect to fall in love with photography the way I did. I sought every opportunity connecting and creating with like-minded artists and expressing myself fully through this medium.

Since then, I have worked internationally on over 1000 projects from beginners who selected me as their first-ever session with a model to highly experienced world-famous photographers, travelled to 20 different countries around the globe and got published in several books and magazines.

At the end of 2019, I have relocated to Nancy, France, to be closer to the European art community.


Can’t say enough good things about Minh-Ly. She was constantly in contact before, during and after the shoot. Beautiful, Professional, Friendly, Punctual, Hard Working, Cooperative, Helpful, and all-around Charming. Worth every second of my time and effort.

Terry Lacey, Photographer, Canada

Minh-Ly is an exquisite beauty, exuding grace and sophistication from every pore of her being. With little direction, she grasps the concept and runs with it. She was an absolute delight to work with. My only regret is that I did not book her for a full day instead of half. A shoot with this outstanding model is a high-value activity.

Andrew Greig, Photographer | Australia

Every so often you work with a model and you simply click with her from the first image. This was Minh-ly. From the moment she arrived in the studio, it just felt right. The talent, appearance and personality of this young lady made for an enjoyable afternoon both in the studio and on location, with a remarkably high “hit” rate among the photos taken. She is a star. If she is touring in your area in the future, book her. I’m already trying to persuade her to visit Scotland again.

Ritchie Photos, Photographer | Ireland

Minh-Ly is pure genius. What a pleasure to have worked with a true professional, from start to finish. Very versatile and skillful at achieving all the concepts I asked of her. As the posing was choreographed to achieve the desired lighting effect, Minh-Ly was very patient and skillful with micro movements to get the desired effect. She has beautiful features and a unique appeal for me to achieve a cool folio of images. It is always a pleasure to work with a model who loves her work and always strives to work in harmony with concepts a photographer wants to achieve. We were both on the same wavelength and I loved the results. Minh-Ly comes highly recommended by me, and I hope to work with her in the near future.

Seamus Costelloe, Photographer / Workshop Organizer | Ireland

Minh-Ly is my personal inspiration. We have worked together frequently and I brag to our mutual contacts (and her future clients) that she could model a shoelace for hours if you asked her. Sure enough, someone finally did and apparently she rocked it – I’m not surprised. Minh-Ly has an insane queue of poses in her mind at all times. She is an everlasting inspiration. Not only will she help you create images you couldn’t think of, her ambition, work ethic, personality, and general personhood will drive you to create other images you never dreamed you would. I highly recommend hiring her or even meeting her (if you’re lucky enough to steal an hour of her valuable time). She is probably the only person – that I can say with absolute certainty – is one in a million.

Starla, Model / Model Scout | Canada

I wrote three posts on my studio blog about my shoot with Minh-ly. It took that much to describe the wide ground I was able to cover with one model, in one shoot, in one day. Some models listen and help you move your ideas forward. That’s because they are actually interested in your work, then interpret your ideas. It’s more like directing theatre. You create something bigger than yourself. The picture you make has meaning. If that is what you are trying to achieve as an artist, Minh-ly can help you. Maybe it’s because she’s a photographer herself, and art director. She knows as much as you do. Bruce Springsteen said 1+1 has to result in 3 otherwise keep your day job. With Minh-Ly, I felt like the math added up to 3.

Studio NDG, Photographer | Canada

I have worked with Minh-Ly more than any other model. She is brilliant at what she does. She brings such passion and is able to evoke such emotion in her work. Minh-Ly takes direction well, but is also amazing when left to her own creativity. She also works extremely hard to get whatever shot you want. She has truly helped me to become a better photographer and I look forward to working with her again. Could not recommend more!

Knight Vision Imaging, Photographer / Model | Canada

Absolutely the best! My experience with Minhly was simply amazing and most definitely went beyond my expectations. Minh-Ly is not only beautiful, but she’s like a chameleon — she has a look that can be adapted across several genres and does so extremely well. Minh-Ly demonstrated the utmost professionalism no matter the conditions of the environment we worked in and enthusiastically contributed ideas to our concepts without commandeering shoots. I can confidently say it was huge pleasure! Minh-Ly is definitely on the top of my list of models I’d love to work with again.

Michael Anthony, Photographer | Japan

Dear Minh-Ly, I personally want to thank you on the behalf of Spirit Life Art Studios, for helping us move forward on our current creative project. Minh-Ly, you have exceeded everyone’s expectations by your natural modelling skills that go beyond training, you have a natural gift of knowing self and ability not only satisfying the artist and photographers’ request but somehow enhancing the pose, action and role. Your knowledge of makeup and skill at applying it was a special treat saving us from calling on our own makeup artist for the shoot. Your physical beauty without question is stunning and there are very few models that could be considered equal. Lastly, your down to earth personality and excellent bilingual communication skills made it seamless to work as a team. Minh-Ly we can’t wait for your next visit to California, you are now a member of the Spirit Life Art Studio family. With gratitude and sincerity,

Spirit Life Art, Art Director / Artist | United States

If you’re looking for one of the best then this is her! A versatile, emotional and highly intelligent model, Minh-Ly constantly reinvents herself. Always prepared, always morphing during a shoot: it is an honour to witness her presentation of my art. With just a few words, Minh-Ly will absorb a concept and then elevate it to even higher levels of beauty. This lady has an open invitation to my services, any time and always!

Skin Detailz, Art Director / Bodypainter / Makeup-Artist / Stylist | Canada

Minh-Ly is one of those models that you simply can’t fault. Knowledgeable of her work, creative, outstanding posing skills, great personality and so much more. She has that ability to “grab” your idea/concept and take it a step up. Not only I am looking forward to work again with Minh-Ly, but I genuinely recommend anyone to do so.

Ricardo Silva, Photographer | Ireland

Minh-Ly has everything a photographer could wish for …Poise, Elegance, Beauty, Expression, Creativity, Versatility and she is also Uninhibited and Fearless. I had a full day shoot with her last Tuesday on her visit to Dublin and I was delighted with the results. Minh-Ly is fantastic to work with both as a person and a model and her pre-shoot contacts were professional, very efficient and her punctuality is excellent. She is exceptionally versatile in her modelling skills and is willing to try new things that she has not done before. She brings expressions and poses from her yoga/ballet/gymnastics background to the shoot with great effect. Her pleasing personality and her great sense of having fun make her a super model to work with but this is a model who takes her modelling seriously and seeks perfection in all she does. Her own photographic expertise enables her to have a great understanding of studio lighting, camera angles, perspective, etc. If you book Minh-Ly, you will be delighted with her performance and you will certainly want to shoot with her again as I do. MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

AM Images, Photographer | Ireland

Throughout my career, many artists have booked me several times, because they know when working with me, they are guaranteed to not only get brilliant and different results on each session, but also a great experience in general. I personally wish to thank all the wonderful artists I had the privilege of working with over the past years and I look forward to meeting many more.

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