Photo by Leo Guarda | The Netherlands

Hello! My name is Minh-Ly and I am a freelance professional Model and multidisciplinary Artist.

Over the past 10 years, I have co-created over a thousand projects, mostly in fashion and fine art, with brands, photographic institutions and photographers – from beginners and hobbyists to acclaimed artists like Bastiaan Woudt, Corwin Prescott and Hans Lux.

I started as a model, which is still my primary occupation. Yet, in recent years, I have been enjoying expanding my activities to styling, art direction, studio managing, coaching and staging.

Recognized as being professional, versatile, and out-of-the-box creative, I take minimal direction to always create excellent quality work. Throughout my career, I have constantly evolved and challenged myself to do different styles and looks to improve in creating striking and lasting images.

Truly honoured, I am grateful to be creating beauty, special artworks and authentic moments with visual artists. Thank you!