Minh-Ly (model) x Mattu Photography (photo)

It’s been a year since my shooting accident in Australia and while the bruises are much better, I am still scarred, likely for life. To make myself laugh, I tell myself it’s like Satan’s shadow claws, so it’s kind of badass 🙂 .

On a more serious note, it put me into perspective on how I was treating myself and how I allowed myself to be treated by people I entrusted my security and health. I have always been committed to my craft, and have been reckless many times even, but when was time to reap the consequences, I was on my own. I never heard back from that photographer about how I was doing and I did feel a bit disappointed. I performed, did my job, got hurt and I was dismissed.

It inspired me to create this section on my Booking Info called ”Shooting Safety Conditions”. While most of them are considered normal, they are often overlooked or neglected. ”You’re such a kill-joy. Yeah, I know all about it, but it’s unlikely to happen…”. You are right, 95% of the time, it goes super well, no drama, no hurt people (maybe the occasional mosquito bite here and there). I am all about the fun and the creation, but we are still dealing with humans and we can be fragile. I will never forgive myself if one of my partners got hurt on my watch. I will probably pester him or her to see how they are doing and bring soup if possible 😛 .

Security = non negotiable

Have fun and stay safe!